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Airborne-Unmanned 07.11.17: Facebook Aquila, Drone De-Registration, UAV IDs

Also: USCG UAS, Africa Drone 'Air Corridor', MIT Gas-Powered Drone, MS Drone Factory Facebook has completed the second flight of its Aquila drone -- which it hopes to use to provide internet connectivity to remote areas of the world ... and this time the aircraft landed safely. The 1 hour and 46 minute flight concluded with a smooth landing at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The company learned some lessons from the first flight, which ended with the drone being damaged when it impacted terrain. For those hobby drone or model aircraft pilots who had to register their UAV with the FAA a year or so ago, there is now a way for you to remove their information from the FAA's registration list ... AND get their $5 back. But it's not as easy as it was to register, and it will take some time to have the information purged from the list as it apparently all has to be done by hand through the USPS. The first meeting of the UAS Identification and Tracking Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) on June 21-23 advanced key policies of concern to the FAA, industry and law enforcement. During this initial meeting, the ARC considered issues such as existing regulations applicable to drone identification and tracking, air traffic management for drones, concerns and authorities of local law enforcement, and potential legal considerations. The group developed some preliminary questions and identification parameters, and reviewed a sample of existing identification technologies. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne-Unmanned!!!

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