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Pelton Upset Over GA Caucus Misrepresentation of GA Position On Privatization

Jack's Not Happy... And For Darned Good Reason You've all heard it... various bits of hot-air from a number of elected officials trying to infer that the effort to bring about ATC Privatization has plenty of support among the entire aviation community... which plainly isn't true. EAA Boss Jack Pelton, as tired of the misinformation as the rest of us, just took aim at the GA Caucus to let them know that this simply isn't acceptable... or true. The following is a missive that Jack sent out just a few hours ago... "I feel really compelled to make sure the record is set straight on where General Aviation stands on H.R. 2997. That is why I am reaching out to all of you. The misrepresentation of our position is getting beyond frustrating...

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