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Photo of Sikorsky S-64F, N179AC, Erickson Air Crane

This picture is Christopher Roche and may not be used or published without permission.

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Type: Sikorsky S-64F
Aircraft Reg: N179AC
Code Number: 739
MSN / CN: 64-091

Operator: Erickson Air Crane

Picture Category: Helicopter / Fire Bomber

Picture ID: 1031062
Location: Narre Warren North, Melbourne
Country: Australia - Victoria
Date: 7th February 2009
Christopher Roche
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Comments: Black Saturday, Elvis sucks up another 9,500 lts, it takes about 45 seconds. If only sea water is available the solid snorkel is used to fill the tank as the aircraft flies forward, this method by passes the pumping equipment. The water tank also contains a 290 lt compartment for fire retardant that can be injected into the water load at different concentrations. The full 9,500 lts can be dropped in 2.5 seconds or dropped in 8 pre programmed smaller loads ranging in intensity from 0.4lt to 3.2 lts per sq metre depending on the vegetation type and fire intensity.